A Vote

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Voting presupposes that there is a vote to cast, and casting presupposes that there is more than one option for which to vote. If there’s just one option, then rather than voting you’re a participant in a boring but solemn exercise in standing in line.

There are no set rules to what organizations can organize a voting process, so there are no set rules that make a choice a vote other than that it be a choice. The He Man Woman Haters Club may allow only loveable little scamps with distinctive hair or features to vote so long as they are not named Darla or otherwise identifiable as female. A group of guys who watch football together on fall Saturdays may not let Jeremy vote on what toppings they’ll get on their pizza order because he bums everybody’s beer and has poor toilet aim. You can discriminate, not discriminate, enfranchise, disfranchise, or even disenfranchise to your heart’s content and still call a choice between options a vote. Let Jeremy say that the results are illegitimate and that anchovies are the umami of the oppressor all day long. The point is that he is saying that without his inclusion the vote is tainted. What he is not saying is that it wasn’t a vote.

The rules regarding legitimate voting are up to the organization bound by the results or up to a senior organization that oversees the entity conducting the result. There are all manner of unseemly things one can do to influence a vote that may be perfectly within the rules. Jeremy can offer Bill five bucks to vote pepperoni, Darla can ask Alfalfa to sit next to her at the soap box derby, a voter can take or leave whatever enticements or advice is offered so long as the rules allow, or maybe more importantly do not disallow, them.

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Biden’s handlers are trying to tank the economy.

I can see no other explanation. And, by the way, they are doing a hell of a job at it.

Why, unless you wanted to damage the U.S., would you limit domestic energy production in favor of imports while importing enough so that we use the same quantities as before? There were mumblings about satisfying the green energy constituency but that only works if the green energy folks are satisfied by theater and empty gestures, a possibility I’m not dismissing offhand.

We are using the same amount of energy as before, it’s just more expensive because of the costs associated with imports. It may be that the green energy lobby is so stupid as to believe that fossil fuels from Russia or one of the OPEC nations is less harmful to the environment because they can’t see the sausage being made nearby. There’s precedence for that. They think that electric powered cars are cleaner when the likelihood is that that electricity is created using natural gas or coal. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t happen.

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What if We Ignored Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?

File:Joe Biden (49560005542).jpg

On the surface the thing makes no sense. All employees working for a company that employs one hundred pr more people must be vaccinated or endure twice weekly testing for Wuhan. No explanation is given for why the magic number is one hundred. Apparently if you work with ninety-eight others you are fine but the addition of a parking attendant puts the whole operation at risk.

The argument for vaccination is odd on it’s face: “You have to get the vaccine that keeps me from getting sick so you don’t get me sick.” And keep wearing masks and distancing. It’s not terribly convincing, especially when we are looking at an unfolding litany of corrective boosters with no end in sight. But that’s besides the point.

Biden is just the President. He has no power to decide what we do. He is not the legislature. He is not the Supreme Court. He is charged with executing the will of the people as expressed through Congress. If he told us we all had to paint our front doors blue, would we? This mandate carries as much legal power.

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Hotel Paradise

The Pretender in-Chief told us his approval of the unelected bureaucrat’s edict that decided we have no more property rights was unconstitutional. He stated that evictions and the erasure of property rights was okay anyway because he figured that it would take a few weeks before the lawyers got to the Supreme Court to make the case that he made about the unconstitutionality. They did tell him, again, that he has no reign over such things. But he knew that. So why not again?

Why doesn’t this asshat declare property rights off limits every few weeks? He’d get his absurd way with no rule of law standing in opposition until the lawyers got their briefs together and showed once again what asshat already said: that he was breaking the law. He could do this every so often as long as he makes sure to exert his dictatorial wish before rent day. Apparently there is no repercussion.

Can I do this at a hotel? Is the elimination of use per fee so absolute that I could book the Four Seasons for a week or two with no expectation of being sent packing?  What about room service? Is that included or am I reaching past my fair use of other’s property?

This jackass has benefitted from his disaster on the Afghan front, which distracted from his disaster on the southern border, which is distracting from his disaster on the plague messaging front, which is distracting from decision to make himself judicial, legislative, and executive, all in one empty suit.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Democrats led, at least so far as camera time allotted discerns a leader of a movement, by Alexandria Ocasio-Defarge, are protesting the twilight of the federal moratorium on evictions. It’s the usual theatrics: well paid and fawned over elitists such as Defarge and her crew LARP being poor for a night by sleeping safely outdoors protected by the glow of sympathetic media and the perks of their station – in this case multiple camera crews, the Capitol Park Police, and a militarized D.C. Their authenticity is not to be questioned. They spent a well-publicized evening understanding what it meant to be homeless. Whether from the comfort of their Georgetown Dacha’s or the tax-payer funded luxury of their Congressional offices they’ll dictate to their soundbite crafting lackies the travails they suffered is anybody’s guess. No word yet on who catered the roughing it evening.

Cori Bush (D – MO) can at least speak of the times she was evicted and slept in her car because of financial hardships but she seems to pretend to have no ability to conceive that financial hardships are being visited on others or what the long term consequences of this moratorium when I suspect the opposite is true. This is mendacious.   

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Text Messages. You Must Not Communicate In Private.

Seriously. You need to keep on the right side of the Biden admin or else. From Ace of Spades HQ:

How quickly we went from being outraged that the NSA was collecting meta-data to advocating that we deputize private tech companies to discern our degree of wrong think. Piss off.

If a Republican proposed such measures we would be buried under the outrage.

As it stands, your private conversations are not COVID proof. One Wuhan virus and it all goes out the window. Who knew that the fourth amendment this fragile. Yippee!

Not a police state. Definitely not a police state.

If You Haven’t Been Reading the Charles C.W. Clarke Posts About Rebekah Jones, You Are Denying Yourself Immense Pleasure

If you are unfamiliar with Rebekah Jones, she’s the alleged whistleblower who claimed she was pressured to “fudge” (her word) the Florida COVID numbers in order to make Governor Ron DeSantis look good on a national stage. As Cooke ably points out, her claim is nonsense on stilts.

It was noted that the knives were out on DeSantis before the Wuhan Flu emerged from the lab or wet market or whatever. He did far better with minorities than a Republican is allowed to do and if he were able to take his electoral alchemy national he’d be a damn good bet for the Presidency. The Democrats can’t abide anyone leaving their plantation so he had to be taken down.

She gave the Left something they had no power to resist. She gave them exactly what they wanted to hear.

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