Where Do We Go From Here?

Democrats led, at least so far as camera time allotted discerns a leader of a movement, by Alexandria Ocasio-Defarge, are protesting the twilight of the federal moratorium on evictions. It’s the usual theatrics: well paid and fawned over elitists such as Defarge and her crew LARP being poor for a night by sleeping safely outdoors protected by the glow of sympathetic media and the perks of their station – in this case multiple camera crews, the Capitol Park Police, and a militarized D.C. Their authenticity is not to be questioned. They spent a well-publicized evening understanding what it meant to be homeless. Whether from the comfort of their Georgetown Dacha’s or the tax-payer funded luxury of their Congressional offices they’ll dictate to their soundbite crafting lackies the travails they suffered is anybody’s guess. No word yet on who catered the roughing it evening.

Cori Bush (D – MO) can at least speak of the times she was evicted and slept in her car because of financial hardships but she seems to pretend to have no ability to conceive that financial hardships are being visited on others or what the long term consequences of this moratorium when I suspect the opposite is true. This is mendacious.   

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