COVID Throwback

My sister-in law and her husband went to Mexico and got COVID. My mother in-law didn’t – travel to Mexico that is. She did get COVID though through a seemingly unrelated English as a first language vector. All three have managed to have flu like symptoms. That happened to my immediate family a few months ago and, with the exception, of one throw up on the part of my youngest and a few days of sniffles and congestion on the part of my wife, you’d hardly have known we had it at all. Even the vomit could be chalked up the regular rhythms of a nine-year old’s digestive system.

The previous time my family was plague my wife lost her sense of smell for a few days and felt fluey. My kids tested positive and loved it. An infected house doesn’t have to go to school and their symptom free battle with the virus meant movies, video, games, walks by the creek, and even a book or two. I remained, at least for the time, immune throughout our ten days sequester. I lived amongst them, slept in bed with one of them, and finished their leftovers. I couldn’t catch an outbreak.

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Text Messages. You Must Not Communicate In Private.

Seriously. You need to keep on the right side of the Biden admin or else. From Ace of Spades HQ:

How quickly we went from being outraged that the NSA was collecting meta-data to advocating that we deputize private tech companies to discern our degree of wrong think. Piss off.

If a Republican proposed such measures we would be buried under the outrage.

As it stands, your private conversations are not COVID proof. One Wuhan virus and it all goes out the window. Who knew that the fourth amendment this fragile. Yippee!

Not a police state. Definitely not a police state.

A Return to Normalcy

About a third of us were maskless, including a similar fraction of the employees. The remaining two thirds of shoppers paid no notice; nary a Karen nor any of her subspecies were to be found. At least they weren’t heard from. I’ve long suspected that those scolds only hector when they feel the crowd at their back.

I spoke with a maskless employee at the customer service desk who called the maskless manager over and the maskless manager and I had a maskless conversation about the possibility of her taking on my oldest as a grocery bagger a few days a week. He wants a summer job and I’m all for it. He hopes to try his hand at one of several restaurants where he’s already buddies with the staff and gets treated like a mascot. I want him to be a number for a while, learn to deal with people who he doesn’t already have a friendship with, and earn praise and criticism from people he hasn’t known since he was eight. Publix grocery store, particularly now that they don’t require a facial security blanket is just the ticket. Plus, he can ride his bike to work so I won’t have to drive him.

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If You Haven’t Been Reading the Charles C.W. Clarke Posts About Rebekah Jones, You Are Denying Yourself Immense Pleasure

If you are unfamiliar with Rebekah Jones, she’s the alleged whistleblower who claimed she was pressured to “fudge” (her word) the Florida COVID numbers in order to make Governor Ron DeSantis look good on a national stage. As Cooke ably points out, her claim is nonsense on stilts.

It was noted that the knives were out on DeSantis before the Wuhan Flu emerged from the lab or wet market or whatever. He did far better with minorities than a Republican is allowed to do and if he were able to take his electoral alchemy national he’d be a damn good bet for the Presidency. The Democrats can’t abide anyone leaving their plantation so he had to be taken down.

She gave the Left something they had no power to resist. She gave them exactly what they wanted to hear.

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