What if We Ignored Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?

File:Joe Biden (49560005542).jpg

On the surface the thing makes no sense. All employees working for a company that employs one hundred pr more people must be vaccinated or endure twice weekly testing for Wuhan. No explanation is given for why the magic number is one hundred. Apparently if you work with ninety-eight others you are fine but the addition of a parking attendant puts the whole operation at risk.

The argument for vaccination is odd on it’s face: “You have to get the vaccine that keeps me from getting sick so you don’t get me sick.” And keep wearing masks and distancing. It’s not terribly convincing, especially when we are looking at an unfolding litany of corrective boosters with no end in sight. But that’s besides the point.

Biden is just the President. He has no power to decide what we do. He is not the legislature. He is not the Supreme Court. He is charged with executing the will of the people as expressed through Congress. If he told us we all had to paint our front doors blue, would we? This mandate carries as much legal power.

There will be consequences for ignoring a post-Presidential diktat. He’s shown that he’ll unleash his thuggish AG and the FBI on you if you object to having your children told in school that they are either helpless or racist when they just want to play tag. Unleashing the AG on that subject is no small deal considering his son sells textbooks to schools that stress helplessness and racism.

Biden was part of the Obama administration that thuggishly used the IRS to chill and threaten political opponents. You can only imagine the IRS would be deployed to keep rogue one hundred plus employers in line.

So there will be consequences. There will always be consequences when standing up to tyrants. But what about the consequences of obeyance?

Nursing aides are only vaccinated at forty plus percent (July numbers but that was the latest I could find). Can you think of a hospital that employs less that one hundred people? President Twilight is about to keep a huge and necessary part of the medical workforce from doing their jobs during a pandemic. Wise. I’m not sure what percentage of cafeteria, janitorial, and other hospital employees are going to be run off.

What about truckers? Thankfully, a lot are independent contractors, but not all. Granted there may be an adjustment to the rules for those involved in the supply chain because when Biden issued his illegal order his Transportation Secretary was on a two month super secret vacation in the midst of a transportation crisis. Seems like a crummy time to start restricting who can deliver food when delivering food is not happening as easily as it did even a year ago. In fact, there are so many things that are not happening as easily as they were even a year ago. Saint Obama warned us: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to Fuck things up.”

If the local pizzeria owner declared that circumcision was heretofore illegal, we’d laugh at him because circumcisions and whether or not they should be performed are beyond his scope. When a president starts telling people how to run their business absent any law to back him, we should laugh at him. He’s just the President.

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