Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News

Today, in a moment of pique during the game, I may say something bad about Auburn, but I won’t mean it. The flowers and picture of Cecil Hurt in the press box was a nice gesture. Alabama fans appreciate it. I never met Hurt, but I was behind him in line to give condolences to … Continue reading

What if We Ignored Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?

On the surface the thing makes no sense. All employees working for a company that employs one hundred pr more people must be vaccinated or endure twice weekly testing for Wuhan. No explanation is given for why the magic number is one hundred. Apparently if you work with ninety-eight others you are fine but the … Continue reading

I Said I’ve Been Bad About This

This is my debut over at They’re fun over there. Check the place out. What’s funny about this one is that Bill Kristol read it and tweeted it out. I’m never going to match the attention this article got. Thanks a lot Bill.

I’ve Been Bad About This

I keep forgetting to link to things I write. Here’s one from the rah-rah football site. The recipe is pretty cool. Check it out.

You Meet The DMV First.

The greatest of all government screw ups happened today. I took my son to get his learner’s driving permit. Two days ago I called and asked to set up an appointment and was told that those are no longer necessary, so when we walked in and were asked if we had an appointment I was … Continue reading

Hotel Paradise

The Pretender in-Chief told us his approval of the unelected bureaucrat’s edict that decided we have no more property rights was unconstitutional. He stated that evictions and the erasure of property rights was okay anyway because he figured that it would take a few weeks before the lawyers got to the Supreme Court to make … Continue reading

Notes and Nonsense

– This is why I should never be put on a jury. I’d hand the keys of the company and just about every asset of every employee involved over to this couple out of rage and fury, and that’s not actual justice. But they sure as hell deserve something. – ‘It has to be known … Continue reading

You Can’t Make This Up

Laurel Hubbard, weightlifter from New Zealand who, after living most of his life as a man decided to live the rest – so far – of his now her life as a woman, has been eliminated in women’s Olympic competition. This will be a full on “See!” fest of fingers pointed Hubbard’s way as proof … Continue reading

Where Do We Go From Here?

Democrats led, at least so far as camera time allotted discerns a leader of a movement, by Alexandria Ocasio-Defarge, are protesting the twilight of the federal moratorium on evictions. It’s the usual theatrics: well paid and fawned over elitists such as Defarge and her crew LARP being poor for a night by sleeping safely outdoors … Continue reading

Stupid Things

In case the “pin” vs. “pen” thing was too easy for you, now we have this: Also, and this is something that came up on a lazy Sunday afternoon as I try to reacclimate to non-beach life even though the beer with breakfast model was working quite well, why do I fold my underwear? Wrinkled … Continue reading


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