Biden’s handlers are trying to tank the economy.

I can see no other explanation. And, by the way, they are doing a hell of a job at it.

Why, unless you wanted to damage the U.S., would you limit domestic energy production in favor of imports while importing enough so that we use the same quantities as before? There were mumblings about satisfying the green energy constituency but that only works if the green energy folks are satisfied by theater and empty gestures, a possibility I’m not dismissing offhand.

We are using the same amount of energy as before, it’s just more expensive because of the costs associated with imports. It may be that the green energy lobby is so stupid as to believe that fossil fuels from Russia or one of the OPEC nations is less harmful to the environment because they can’t see the sausage being made nearby. There’s precedence for that. They think that electric powered cars are cleaner when the likelihood is that that electricity is created using natural gas or coal. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t happen.

Pscircle Back is trying to gaslight us by claiming that there are numerous drilling licenses left unclaimed and unbid on. In a surprise move the media did some actual journalism and found that the reason no one has bid on those sites is that there is no oil under neath them. Funny that. No one bids to drill where there is no oil.

Biden’s handlers appear to have instructed him to deny that he scaled back domestic production despite the fact that he ran on doing just that and bragged about having done just that early in his Presidency. We were energy independent before Biden, he said we wouldn’t be, he trumpeted his actions in diminishing us, we are no longer energy independent, and he’s saying this crisis had nothing to do with him and is dutifully amplified by his incompetent press secretary.

The latest excuse is that rising gas prices are due to the Russia/Ukraine conflict despite gas prices having been on the rise since the second month of this dullard’s Presidency. My suspicion is that the handlers will attempt to exacerbate the problem in order to have a spike to point out to say “See! See what happened during the Russian attacks on Ukraine!” The groundwork is being laid.

Until recently when asked why we were importing from Russia we were told that it was only seven percent of all our imported oil supply and was a drop in the bucket when combined with what domestic supply was allowed to maintain. They’ve already done a one-eighty on that one. Now Biden is a hero for cutting off Russian oil and accepting higher gas prices in an election year because he is doing it on principle. He’s staring down the Russians who he’s allowing to negotiate the Iran deal which is just fine for some reason.

See, when Russian imports are a liability they are such a miniscule part of the whole as to be ignored. When Russian imports have political value it’s political bravery to do without, but damnit, we have to do the right thing.

Meanwhile the handlers have various government officials on hat-in-hand missions to OPEC, Venezuela, and Iran, fine and conscientious regimes all. They’ve been rebuffed so far, but what must they think of America’s oil producers if they’d rather play with murderous distant players when the answer is right here? (Recent news: The Energy Secretary will be meeting with US oil execs in Texas. Things are getting desperate I guess. Cross your fingers and pray.)

He’ll get cover from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, The NYT, etc. No mention will be made about the long standing rising gas prices. He’ll not be questioned on denials that he curbed domestic production. It must be good to be a Democrat.

An Aside: The majority of the media at this point are PR firms for the Democrats. I thought this would hurt the Democratic Party because grifters seek cover.

Imagine you’re a sociopath with a talent for politics. You don’t care about the poor or foreign policy. You have no principles at all. Your sole goal is the accumulation of wealth and power. Why in the hell would you run under the microscope the media have reserved solely for Republicans?

As a democrat a laptop can surface with claims that you took money from a foreign government and despite the fact that the guy on the other side of the emails shows from his computer that the emails are real and the FBI confirms that they were real emails sent and received the press will continue to call them unverified and say that they bear obvious marks of “Russian Disinformation.” At least they’ll say that until after an election and the “Oops. Turns out they’re real.” And that’s it. No follow up. No investigation into the allegations.

You can claim that your political opponent went to Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on you and after hamstringing an administration for three years with investigations and press pressure and then it comes out that the only evidence was produced by your campaign after going to Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on your opponent. There was talk of jail for the other side, constant talk of jail. Many were bankrupted defending themselves and who knows how many capable people took themselves out of consideration for posts because they didn’t want to bear the probable costs of legal defense.

But you? Everyone knows that you did specifically what you accused your opponent of. But you’re a Democrat. No consequences. The press still refers to your opponent as having colluded with Putin. It’s a grifters paradise.

When a Republican is accuse of a crime the headlines are along the line of “John Smith (R-Somewhere) Accused of Stealing from Campaign Fund.” The same happens to a Democrat and you get “Republicans Pounce on Accusations Against Democratic Congressman.” “Republicans Pounce” became such a joke on Twitter that headline writers changed to “Republicans Seize on.” That became a joke too so it looks like “pounce” is coming back.

I’m not saying that all Democrats are crooks. I’m not a big fan of Republicans either, but the Democratic party is rotten. And why wouldn’t it be. Its members have wide ranging media protection. They are the path of least resistance and that has to be a magnet for the unscrupulous.

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