Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News


Today, in a moment of pique during the game, I may say something bad about Auburn, but I won’t mean it. The flowers and picture of Cecil Hurt in the press box was a nice gesture. Alabama fans appreciate it.

I never met Hurt, but I was behind him in line to give condolences to the mother of a friend who died far too early. The deceased suffered from a cancer that came and went over the course of ten years giving cruel hope now and then though we all knew the end was assured. I didn’t know what to say to his mom. Hurt did.

He was brief, kind, and assuring. I hope there is someone of his caliber at his funeral to give proper condolences.

I thought about that moment often when I read his work. On the page he was droll and cutting. The man I saw was gracious. He’ll be missed.  


New Post Over at the Rah! Rah! Football! Site

I’ve been delinquent around these parts. I’m hoping to get back on some sort of schedule, but until then, here’s a bit I did over at rollbamaroll.com about what’s happening to my beloved college football.

I really don’t understand. College football will tell you that their sport is the most exciting in the world, and they are right. Every game matters. The regular season is just as much a part of a championship campaign as any post season play. But then they turn around and do all the can to diminish the regular season with calls for expanding the playoffs.

They’ll tell you that college football is the only team sport without a playoff (not true, but they will tell you that.) Oddly they draw the conclusion that college football needs a playoff to emulate the less exciting games rather than that the less exciting games should emulate college football and ditch the extended post season.

Now the Name, Image, and Likeness rules are going to wreck the whole damn thing. Dammit.

Like I said, I’ll be back on these pages soon. I’m reading some really horrible books and I have opinions on t-shirts too.