Kids and Their %*^%$&^$ Language

There’s a great brewery here in Birmingham called Back Forty Beer Company. They began a little north in Gadsden but in 2018 they built a magnificent palace to beer, burgers, pizza, sports, and outdoor fun with room for football games and fire pits.

I was there last Saturday in the late afternoon with my wife and two sons, my sister-in-law and her husband and two kids, and my mother-in-law.

We hadn’t taken the kids in a few years, and not because it was the scene of then six-year-old’s last and greatest temper tantrum – He wanted a double decker burger that was bigger than his head, much less his mouth, and he was furious that I ordered the already oversized single burger for him instead. There was flopping and screaming. We haven’t been back because we just don’t get out that much. I hear that’s not an unusual thing lately.

This time we sat outside at one of the picnic tables and that six-year-old tantrum thrower, now eight and more ready to appeal to reason, came up to the table of adults and was near tears. He’d been throwing a football around with a bunch of kids and one of them called him an idiot.

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A Catholic Teen Confronts the Reformation and Leviathan a Month Before Confirmation

I bought the first collection of Calvin and Hobbes for my sons. The oldest, seeing that it was a comic about a child and his imaginary, or at least stuffed but imaginary, friend was not impressed. His fourteen year old ego took it as an afront that his father would press upon him a children’s story.

He saw the art and assumed that it was a kid’s book and turned his nose up.

While on the way to a restaurant I made him read it. He couldn’t stop laughing. Now he wants more.

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