A Catholic Teen Confronts the Reformation and Leviathan a Month Before Confirmation

I bought the first collection of Calvin and Hobbes for my sons. The oldest, seeing that it was a comic about a child and his imaginary, or at least stuffed but imaginary, friend was not impressed. His fourteen year old ego took it as an afront that his father would press upon him a children’s story.

He saw the art and assumed that it was a kid’s book and turned his nose up.

While on the way to a restaurant I made him read it. He couldn’t stop laughing. Now he wants more.

I showed him a few Far Side… clips… slides? I’m not sure what to call them. I showed him a few Far Sides and I think we are due to sink a decent dollar’s worth into Bill Waterson and Gary Larson collection books.

I don’t miss newspapers. They died a long time ago as far as I’m concerned. I get my news from more and varied sources than ever before.

What I do miss is the features. Comics. Box scores. Crosswords.

All of them are available on the web but it was nice to have them all in one place on page B12 or whatever. It was also nice to have something to spread over the table so the kid’s art projects wouldn’t desecrate the wood.

That’s gone now. We have to look for them. Is the Jumble still around? I can see people searching for comics, box scores, and crosswords, but I’m betting the Jumble gets gtetfonro.

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