The Things You Stumble Upon

I like Gary Oldman. I think he’s among the better actors in part because he is often unrecognizable. He’s one of those rarities that is the role instead of the actor playing the role. I love him for that.

Whether he’s Rosencrantz or Guildenstern or Commissioner Gordon or that guy yelling to send all of them after Leon he’s refreshed and new and I respect that.

So when I say a twitter promoted post about a new Apple TV (television) post starring Oldman I took note.

I never suspected that the tweet below would be so fascinating.

I’m all for self promotion. I’m also aware and in awe (same root word?) of the breadth and reach of human curiosity, but this caught me.

Some spirited hopeful saw the Apple TV (television) ad on Twitter and pinned his hopes to Oldman’s coat tails and I love it. But good lord, what the hell is this?

From the Amazon page:

“Jack and Diane are just two average about-to-be-married grad-students in the Pacific Northwest until one moonlit night when he takes a wrong turn and discovers that Diana, the ancient Roman moon goddess, is very real, very touchy about strangers seeing her naked, and very into inflatables…for reasons best known to herself.

This is the story of what happens to a relationship when one partner is suddenly transformed into a talking inflatable deer. What strange conditions come with being a magically animated inflatable and how do they cope with these curveballs? Are they doomed to the friendzone, or can their love life survive this drastic change, and if so, how? How will their parents react? Read to find out. Also, while this is a serious attempt at literature (characters, conflict, development, etc), it’s also a kinky interspecies erotica that features a lot of inflation and deflation and some flavors of power dynamics, as well as frank depictions of sexual activities, so read at your own risk.”

I bet high jinx ensues.

Note that it’s volume 1 in a series. People are all over the place.

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