Would You Like To Come Up and Look at My Etchings?

My new painting that’s really a print arrived today.

It’s a pretty cool addition to our kitchen from the artist Matt Dawson. He plays around. We’ve got a less serious print from him in the kid’s bathroom. He may hate that I categorized some of his work as less serious.

I sent my Godson his Chewie Knievel and I hope to hell it’s hanging in his bedroom.

We also have a commissioned piece by him hanging over the door of my mother in-law’s wine room. The wine room was a special pride of my deceased father in law. We gave a few cues as to what my father in-law liked an he came up with this:

People’s hobbies impress me. This guy is an artist, but that’s not his primary trade. I know a woman that makes wooden ball point pens, another that made purses out of duct tape and they looked much better than that sounds. People do amazing things off the clock.

If you get a chance, check out Matt Dawson Art.

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