Sunday Musings – Updated as the Day Goes

I’m getting a bit pissed at Twitter today. There are too many responses to anyone calling attention to and objecting to mask mandates that boil down to one or another variation of how easy it is to get along with minimal interaction – use a delivery service for food or booze or whatever in order to reduce your possible contact with what we are increasingly viewing as vectors for disease rather than fellow humans. Stop complaining and embrace the new normal.

Do these people realize that to mitigate their own risk they are saying “Pay poor people to do it?” I think it’s reprehensible, but not intentional. I don’t think the risk averse think about what they are paying for.

I asked Alexa to play R.E.M.’s “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth.” She tells me it was remastered in 2008 because I needed to know that or something. Oddly, various other songs I call up were remastered in 2008. What leap in technology happened that year?

Anyway, I was curious about the lyrics and ended up reading the Wikipedia entry on the song. Per Bill Buck, Mike Mills slowed the pace near the end of the recording and the rest of the band followed suit. They thought that was the way he wanted to play it. Turns out he was suffering the first bouts of appendicitis. They rushed him to the hospital and never re-recorded.

This week’s Book Thread over at Ace of Spades is pretty good. I’ve already spent $20 and put the Girolamini Library in Naples on my list of things I really want to visit but will forget about when the next shiny object catches my attention.

Lady Grey > Earl Grey

This is an interesting article by Scott Lincicome on the benefits of globalization in the case of the Wuhan vaccine but in reading it I was astonished at the number of phone calls or emails it would have taken to verify all this. He drank a lot of coffee.

I like to watch crime stuff, dramas or documentaries while I cook. They let you tune in and out without losing the string. Mysteries are different. They need you to pay attention lest you think Elliot Gould did it.

I was kinda sorta watching Law & Order this afternoon. There was a character named Abel. That got me thinking.

I’ve known a few guys named Cain in my life. Names fall out of favor for a variety of reasons. You don’t see too many Adolph Defarges running about the rotary club.

How did Cain get redeemed? No Jesus jokes. I mean the name. Is there a time limit? Too soon?

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