A Few Thoughts About Vaping Restrictions

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when you make something illegal to sell you create a black market. Some things should be illegal, but any laws passed should be considered carefully with the realization that enforcement may require force. Eric Garner’s confrontation with police was about selling untaxed cigarettes.

This morning I came across this Slate article by Jacob Grier from last week: “Why Banning Juul Won’t Save Lives.” I’ll not go too far into his arguments, ones I agree with, about the foolhardiness of treating all bads as if they are equally bad. I don’t think vaping is a wise health decision but it is not as harmful as cigarette smoking and pretending it is and overregulating the vaping industry removes a less dangerous vehicle for cessation. I don’t always say this about articles from Slate, but it’s a good read and worth your time.

What strikes me is the bevy of restrictions already in place on vaping and the supposed reasoning behind it. Most states have bans on where vaping is allowed and by whom and while I’ll agree that keeping these products out of the hands the dangers to bystanders appear to be very small, ranging from ”hide the children” to inconclusive to unquantified claim that “you can find the same pollutants from vaping that you will find from everyday activities like cooking or burning a candle.”

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