You Meet The DMV First.

The greatest of all government screw ups happened today. I took my son to get his learner’s driving permit.

Two days ago I called and asked to set up an appointment and was told that those are no longer necessary, so when we walked in and were asked if we had an appointment I was a bit taken aback.

“No, I called and they said we didn’t need one.” I said.

A loud woman incapable of eye contact told me that they were only giving permit tests to kids with appointments. “But I called and was told I didn’t need one.”

That seemed a simple matter for me to bring up. “No. You need to make appointments online.” she said, staring off into the ether.

That would have been great information for the phone operator to have given but it was a closely held DMV secret or something. “Why didn’t they tell me on the phone?” I was not ready to go to war but my thought was why did they tell me that no appointment was needed as opposed to an appointment was needed via internet?

She told the wall or the floor or whatever she was addressing that they only take appointments. I was one of several calling bs on this as many were given the same information. We left, and I feel so stupid for this, for the place across town that the liar on the phone told me was another option. That office, which we reached in the nick of closing time, didn’t give the permit test. The phone lady gave bad info once more.

The reason that this was a great government screw up is that the kernel of a libertarian was sewn in my fifteen year-old. He doesn’t trust the government to give him a stupid multiple choice test about yield signs now. Wait until they tell him they want to manage his health care.

He’s just fifteen and ready for the driver’s permit, but he’ll be a full vote come next Presidential election. Hah! Your move stupid government.

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