I Really Don’t Curse All That Much, But Honestly, What the Heck Is Going On With This Fauci Guy?

I just like this painting. It has nothing to do with the article.
I just like this painting. It has nothing to do with the text. It’s pretty though, isn’t it?

I try not to use curse words when I write because I think it diminishes the message. That’s not the case today. Expect “dickbag,” “fucktard,” and “asshat” and multiple variations of such to pepper this post. I read the Nicholas Wade article. Fuck Fouci. Fuck that little fucking bastard.

Imagine the nerve of that little shit. First he says don’t wear masks. Then he says wear a mask. Then the ungovernable ego of that eternal jackass says wear two masks. Two of those statements tell me that masks don’t work, but whatever. This shitbag likes his TV (television) time and won’t let go. He even went to the NY Times and said he was lying about how to deal with the Wuhan Flu and still gets air time. Fuck this guy and his endless power grab dipshittery.

Now we find out that the most likely cause of this whole pandemic is a leak from a lab in China. I say now because we all assumed that at the beginning and where told how racist and xenophobic that was but after a year and some reflection xenophobia falls to Occum and we are where we were.

Back to the need for “fucktard,” “asshat,” and “dickbag.” The Wade article changes everything.

If Wade is right, and he’s pretty damn convincing, the Wuhan Flu is the result of engineering. There is the possibility of it being natural, but if so, where is the chain of development? Over at Ace of Spades HQ they called it Athena like, fully sprung into life with no history of adaptation. It was human ready from the get go. There is no host species. It arose complete.

Under US law we can’t tinker with such things. We can’t sponsor such things overseas either. Unless…

It’s a huge unless.

If someone wanted to do research on coronaviruses to jump ahead of a possible outbreak they could do so. Not in the US. That would be illegal. Nor could we fund such work, unless…

Back to unless.

The head of a US government department can sign off and release the funding for foreign research. You’ll never guess who did so.

Fuck that dickbag Fauci. Fuck him at a National’s game where he sits open faced while telling the pleebs to behave as they must. Fuck him when he says he lied to the American people for our own good. Fuck him when he prevaricates on whether we should wear none or one or two or twenty masks. Fuck that guy.

He’s in front of this because he’s behind this. Fuck this guy. It looks like he sponsored it all.

The most recent reporting shows that he funded this pandemic. We all behaved like twits and cowered in our holes. That’s on us. But he lied. He told us he lied. We are finding out just how much. Fucking shitbag.

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